Conference Publications

“POSTER: Reuse, don’t Recycle: Transforming Algorithms that Throw Away Descriptors”
Maya Arbel-Raviv, Trevor Brown
PPoPP 2017, Conference version, Poster.

“Towards Automatic Lock Removal for Scalable Synchronization”
Maya Arbel, Guy Golan-Gueta, Eshcar Hillel, Idit Keidar
DISC 2015, Conference version, Full version.

“Predicate RCU: An RCU for Scalable Concurrent Updates”
Maya Arbel and Adam Morrison
PPoPP 2015, Conference version, Code.

“Concurrent Updates with RCU: Search Tree as an Example”
Maya Arbel and Hagit Attiya
PODC 2014. Conference version , Full version, Code.